How BJRC Works with Employers

At BJRC, we want to be your recruitment consultants. Whether your company has a HR and Talent Acquisition function or not, we work with your business in order to successfully find the talent you need.

We will take the time get to know your business, your culture and your recruitment needs. We can then work to create a recruitment model that is most suitable to your business.

How we find Talent

As Specialist Recruitment Consultants, we only work on roles in which we have current, accurate industry knowledge.

The majority of candidates we place are not searching for a new job, we contact them directly with the hopes of selling them on the role we are working on. We are also constantly meeting with qualified candidates, and as such, we will most likely have potential candidates for your role from the outset of the search.

We will also work with your business to ensure your job is advertised in the right places in order to attract the best talent possible.

Different Search Models

Depending on the level of the position sought, BJRC will work with your business using the following search models:

  • Contingent Search – there is no upfront fee. The fee is paid once BJRC successfully places the candidate into your business.
  • Partially Retained Search – for more difficult searches, the client will pay a portion of our fee upon receipt of the candidate shortlist and the remainder of the fee once BJRC successfully places the candidate into your business.
  • Retained Search – for executive-level searches, the client pays the fee in 3 stages: A third upon agreeing to work with BJRC, a third upon your business being provided with a candidate shortlist and the remainder of the fee is paid upon successful completion of the search.

It is our goal to build long-standing relationships with our clients. It is our greatest compliment to see our placed candidates succeed in their new roles and to be able to work with the same client on an on-going basis.