How BJRC Recruiting Works with Candidates

At BJRC Recruiting, we understand that our product is our people. It is our goal to build a long-standing relationship with our candidates. We believe that each of you are future clients and you will be treated as such.

We invest our time and industry expertise to understand your career path, your motivations and your future career aspirations.

At BJRC Recruiting, each candidate will go through an initial screening call. If there is a current position that we feel you may be suitable for, then we will schedule an in-person meeting with you. We meet with all of our candidates before agreeing to represent them to a client.

Active Job Sourcing

If we feel that we can assist you but do not have an action position for you, our service will go far beyond what traditional recruiters offer to their candidates. We will work with you to come up with a list of businesses/firms to approach on your behalf.

Interview Preparation and Contract Negotiations

If we are able to secure you an interview, we will provide an in-depth interview preparation session. As your candidacy progresses, we will assist in your contract negotiations and will be there each step of the way during your onboarding period.


All candidate information is added to our secure database and tracked appropriately. If you are suitable for future opportunities, you will be contacted to discuss the new position.

Please note that our relationship with you is completely confidential. Be assured that none of your information will be sent to a third party without your prior consent.